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Personalized Nutrition Counselling
for your Mental Health

A client-driven approach to nutrition care

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A client-driven approach means that I prioritize the unique needs of each individual client. Instead of offering predefined one-size-fits-all programs, I empower clients to choose the duration of their engagement based on their personal health goals as well as the depth of support they require.

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What I can help you with: 

  • Dietary interventions for mental health and mood disorders (i.e depression, anxiety, stress, mood swings)

  • Gastrointestinal health optimization (i.e IBS, SIBO, gas + bloating, constipation, digestion, reflux + GERD)

  • Nutrition for cognitive function  (i.e ADHD, dementia, executive function)

  • Nutrient supplementation to support gut-brain connection 

  • Weight management + fitness coaching (i.e body re-composition, fat loss, muscle gain, strength)

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 Diet Assessment

  • Curious about whether your diet provides all the necessary nutrients your body and brain needs?
  • Wondering if your current diet supports your mental well-being, gut health or general health needs? 
  • Confused by all the nutrition noise telling you how and what you "should" be eating?
  • Want actionable recommendations for improving your current diet that will result in better mood and digestion?
Let me help you!  I will conduct a detailed nutrition intake analysis, which involves reviewing your diet and evaluating your macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), fiber, and fluid intake to identify any nutrient deficiencies or excesses that are contributing to your health concerns. No preliminary call or referral is required! All you need to do is:
1. Download the food diary template
2. Fill out the food diary over the span of 3-7 days  
3. E-mail me your finalized food record 
4. Book a 45-minute session so we can review findings together
5. I will e-mail you a detailed summary report with actionable recommendations after our session 

note:  this is a single-use session. If you would like a follow-up session or to work with me on your health journey for a prolonged period of time, check out my nutrition counseling package options!

$135 CAD

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Nutrition Counselling Programs

Are you here because you want hands-on support, guidance, structure, and motivation? Maybe you have a list of health issues and worries but simply don't know where to start, where to go, or how to get there. This is where working with an RD for an extended period of time can be really helpful. I will provide you with personalized nutrition guidance, ongoing accountability, and support needed to make lasting health behavior changes. 

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Need a small push in the right direction but not ready for a long-term commitment? This program may be a great fit for you. Book a FREE discovery call to find out more!

- Initial assessment (60 min) 
- 2 follow-up sessions (30 min, 1x/week)
- Unlimited access to handouts and resources 

Available add-ons:
- Fitness assessment + personalized 4-week workout program
- Bi-weekly virtual workout check-in sessions   

$300 CAD



Are you serious about optimizing total body health? Do you want to make more comprehensive nutrition and fitness changes? This program may be a great fit for you. Book a FREE discovery call to find out more!
- Initial assessment (60 min)
- 6 follow-up sessions (30 min, bi-weekly)
- Unlimited access to handouts and resources
- Fitness assessment 
- Bi-weekly virtual workout check-in sessions 
Available Add ons:
- Personalized 12-week workout program

Are you fully committed to making lasting success? Do you want an RD who is with you every step of the way? This program may be a great fit for you. Book a FREE discovery call to find out more!
- Initial assessment (60 min)
-  Bi-weekly 30 min check-in sessions 
Unlimited access to handouts and resources
- Fitness assessment + personalized 6-month workout program 
- Bi-weekly virtual workout check-in sessions (30 min/ workout bi-weekly)
- Dietitian DirectLine 

$750 CAD

$1350 CAD

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Fitness Assessment + Personalized Workout Plan

A workout plan geared towards your goals and abilities; whether you aim to build strength, achieve hypertrophy, improve cardiovascular fitness, or increase overall physical activity levels, I create a fitness guide suited for your needs and capabilities.

Regular physical activity isn't just about a stronger body; it's your key to a healthier mind and gut. Regular physical activity is connected to numerous mental health and gut health benefits such as enhanced gut microbial diversity, smoother gut motility (say farewell to constipation), stress reduction, improved sleep quality, relief from anxiety and depression symptoms, as well as improved cognitive function. If you are looking to maximize results of the nutrition counselling program, then consider opting for this personalized fitness plan!

Assessment + 4 week plan:

$110 CAD

12-week workout plan:

$150 CAD

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Virtual Workout Check-ins

Unsure if you're exercising with proper form? Worried you're not making progress with your fitness goals? I can join you at your workout session (virtually for up to one hour) to make sure you are performing exercises safely and effectively. I will also keep track of your progress so you can be sure that you are on the right path to success!

Think of me as your virtual personal trainer. Whether you are exercising from home or the gym, I can help guide you throughout your workout, providing recommendations, motivation, support, and accountability.


check-in: $50CAD

2 check-ins (bi-weekly): $90CAD


DietitianDirect Line

Ever been grocery shopping or at a restaraunt and wished you had an RD at your fingerstips so you could ask a a quick quesiton? Well now you can! Experience instant nutrition support through the exclusive DietitianDirect Line - your direct path to expert nutrition guidance whenever you need it (Only available to those who purchase "Elevate" Program)

With this exclusive service, you have access to a Registered Dietitian (me!) at your fingertips, weekdays between 10am-4pm, ready to provide personalized advice within an hour. Whether you have questions about meal planning, dietary choices, grocery shopping, or just need a bit of nutritional support, I am here for you! 


Add-on services
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  • 15 minute call where I introduce myself, provide an overview of my services offered and answer any questions you may have about working together. We discuss your health concerns and assess which service may be best suited for your unique health needs. 

Process Overview

Choose your
program + add ons
  • In my dietetic service, I don't limit you to a single goal. Instead, you  decide how long you'd like to work together (4 weeks, 12 weeks, or 6 months) and during that time, we will centre our efforts on addressing your specific goals and objectives.

  • Add ons include personal training program and virtual training sessions. 

  • A quick nutrition intake form and lifestyle questionnaire will be sent to you so that I can gather baseline information regarding your medical history, current health status, dietary habits, and lifestyle factors. This will make the initial assessment move smoothely and efficiently!

Assessment, goal setting
  • We conduct a thorough 60 minute evaluation of your symptoms (physical, emotional, psycholigcial, behavioural), current diet, eating habits, lifestyle practices (sleep hygeine, exercise regime, routines etc), all within a supportive , compassionate, and non-judgmental environment. 

  • Together, we will create a personalized lifestyle, and nutrition plan  to achieving your mental health and gut health goals by setting precise goals and expectations.

  • 30 min sessions where I provide on-going education, guidance, and hands- on support to empower you on your health journey

  • I help you address and overcome barriers  

  • I help you stay focused and aligned with your objectives 

  • I track progress,  make adjustments to the nutrition plan, and build upon previous strategies

  • I address  any questions or concerns you have 

Weekly follow ups
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The Goal:

Many people underestimate the profound impact that nutrition has on our mental health and gut function. When you choose to work with me, you're investing in a journey toward a better, thriving you - that includes improved mental well-being, better mood, mental clarity, emotional balance, and vibrant gut health. Book a 15-minute FREE consultation with me and stop waiting to reclaim your life. Start today. Start now. 

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